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Camryn eloquently captures the spirit of children’s hearts struggling to manage, or even identify, the variety of emotions they experience. It is vitally important for children to grow toward developing a “feelings vocabulary” because it leads to self-expression and self-regulation.  It also assists in boundary setting communication and healthy bonding with others as they grow, fulfilling the relational need of every human heart. This book goes a long way to giving children the fuel that they need to begin that growth.

I’m in love with this book, sweetly written for gentle hearts.

The beauty in this book doesn’t just start and end with the amazing illustrations. The beautiful word choices the author uses is simply brilliant. I am so impressed with this book – so much so – that I believe that it will become a classic!

The words and illustrations in this book make such a dreamy combo! Kids will float along as they ponder their colorful emotions. A feel-good book that will end in hugs.

Simple and inspiring and for more than just children.

A wistful and uplifting book that guides children of all ages through the complexity of feelings and emotions in an enjoyable and engaging manner. Author Camryn Wells has masterfully fashioned meaningful and thought-provoking words into a series of delightful and charming rhymes. The vibrant, water-color style illustrations beautifully complement the author’s serene verses, creating a book that is sure to become a favorite piece in every child’s library!

This is a beautiful book that, as I told the author, “feels like a hug.”

As a retired elementary teacher, I would have loved to have this book as a resource in my classroom during my teaching years. For younger children, it’s a great concept book for color and giving names to emotions. For older children, this is a great springboard for journaling and giving an outlet to understand and work through one’s emotions.

One of the most thoughtful and engaging children’s books I’ve ever read. This work of art is a meaningful conversation starter for children of all ages.

Fantastic book! Colors were always my way to make sense of my feelings as a kid- I grew up speaking many languages and found it was hard to explain how I was feeling in different languages with words. Can’t wait to read this to my little cousins!

I am in love with this book!! My 4 year old is full of some big feelings and this book really helps us talk through all those emotions. 

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