The Color, Feel, Play Children’s Book Series and Companion Resources

Helping LITTLE kids process BIG emotions

COLOR your day, FEEL your way, PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!

I'll See You In The Moon cover

Our ultimate goal? Raising and supporting emotionally intelligent children. And that means processing all the heavy things that happen, together

Raise Emotionally Intelligent Children
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The rollercoaster of everyday emotions can be A LOT! Help your child communicate what they’re feeling by naming the color they ‘feel’

Process BIG Feelings
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Adulting is hard. But so is being a kid! It’s important to remember how much harder it is to be a child – a beginner at everything! 

Remember What It’s Like!

How do you help kids when they’re struggling to understand their feelings?

Start by reading a STORY that speaks to their emotions.

The team of parents behind knows that you want to be everything to your child – their solid safety net, their fiercest supporter, their soft landing.

And in order to do that for them, you need a robust parenting toolkit. 

Because sometimes it’s hard to reach them – during meltdowns or shutdowns when they don’t want ANYONE – which makes you feel helpless.

We believe it’s in those times that you need a new approach. We understand how trying parenting can be sometimes which is why we write these books and create resources for you. 

Here’s how we do it:

Our talented literary artists write a poem that expresses some aspect of childhood or growing up – these are words that speak to children and adults alike. (that’s right – they’re not just for the kids!)

Then, we incorporate beautiful illustrations to create books for families to read together, in calmer times so that there is a common language to use during dysregulated moments. 

Next we create additional resources that we use ourselves as parents and educators: audiobooks, workshops, author visits. 

Grab the three book set for your classroom or home library! 

Teacher reading What Color Is Your Day? to students in a school library
Watch the video of ‘What Color Is Your Day?’ to help the little ones in your life process their BIG emotions better, right away. 
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What Color Is Your Day?