The Memory of Play [Audio]


Listen to the audio version, recorded by the author, a spoken word poet.
For kids, there’s nothing better than a day full of play, but sometimes adults forget how to do the first job they ever had… playingSilly grown ups.

Parents, you’re invited to read this playful book that will take you on a whimsically illustrated journey back to your childhood. Pull your cuddly little one onto your lap, and allow them to lead you on a stroll down The Memory of Play lane.

Enjoy remembering, and share some childhood joy while you re-experience the wonder.

For all the love you’ve given to me, I give you the memory of play.’

Do you remember how to play?

Playing is THE job of childhood, but somewhere along the way we grow up and forget how. After a full day of adulting, playing can seem as exhausting as working, but in a child’s world, work and play can mean the same thing.

Reading The Memory of Play with your child will help bring the whimsy and love of play back into your day. You’ll remember the sense of freedom that childhood brings. This playfully poetic book takes adults on a fantastically illustrated journey down memory lane, and what better way to go than hand in hand with a child.

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